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Presentation Awards for Young Scientists

We are happy to announce the winners of the APEF2018 presentation awards for young scientists.

  Name Title
A16 Fujimori, Taihei Contact activation of locomotion and chemotaxis dictate cell segregation and pattern formation in Dictyostelium
A43 Sano, Tomohiko Twist-induced snap-buckling in a bent elastic ribbon
A44 Takatori, Satoshi Collective behavior for numerous particles under non-equilibrium environment
B17 Taga, Keisuke Mean field analysis for Kuramoto model with general time delay
B35 Adachi, Kyosuke First-order phase transition in a model of epigenetic-mark spreading
B43 Tarama, Mitsusuke Modeling of cell crawling by means of force-free intracellular motion
Oral Tang, Qian-Yuan Functional Sensitivity and Evolutionary Robustness of Proteins
Oral Shimaya, Takuro Critical coarsening in a model of bacterial competition inside a channel

Students and researchers with PhD obtained in 2014 or later were eligible. Only those who wished to be nominated at the time of the registration were considered.